Energy & Pipeline Training, Writing & Consulting

Oil, Gas, Energy and Pipeline Industry

Energy & Pipeline – Training, Writing & Consulting (EPTWC) has been providing services to the Oil/Gas/Energy/Pipeline Industry for 14 years – Upstream, Midstream & Downstream.

Industry Experience

Our consultants have significant industry experience, working with:
  • Corporate Offices
  • Control Centers
  • Wells & Refinery
  • Plants, Stations & Platforms
  • Field & Pipeline Operations
  • Barge & Dock Operations
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    Our Services

    Knowledge Transfer, Technical Writing, & Technical Training

    We provide training and technical documentation solutions - Self-Study, OJT (on the job), CBT/WBT & Classroom. Some of the OJT training processes we’ve designed have helped our clients transfer knowledge between skilled senior (perhaps retiring) employees and younger, new-hires, while they’re working on the job, with no need for classroom time unless desired. Our training processes help to create and improve consistency between trainers & training for employees, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide the structure to sustain operations while transferring knowledge.

    Strategy & Planning

    People/HR Planning & Practices

    Grants and Economic Development Assistance

    Research, Development & Writing of Grants and Other Economic Development Initiatives

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    Phone: (412) 861-0013

    P.O. Box 11537, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
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